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24 June 2007 @ 08:04 pm
Look! A recipe!  
Sorry I've been lacking on the recipe posting.. I'm going to get better, promise!

Hopefully everyone else will start posting too!

Last night I made my first potato salad ever. I'm not normally a big fan of them, since they usually have onions and I'm allergic.. I figured well, if I make it myself it won't have onions, so hey!

I got out the cookbook my mother-in-law sent us of old family recipes, and found a potato salad recipe.. it happened to be her recipe, so I had to try it!

8 medium size potatoes, boiled, peeled and cubed

4-5 eggs, boiled and chopped

1 stalk of celery, chopped

onion, chopped (amount your preference)

1/2 bell pepper, diced

pickle relish, or chopped pickle

salt & pepper to taste

2/3 cup mayonnaise

1 tbsp. mustard

1/3 cup ranch dressing

parsley to taste

paprika to taste

pimento if desired

Mix all ingredients in large bowl. Toss well and refrigerate for several hours..

obviously I left out onions and celery (Mike hates celery) and forgot the bell pepper.. but I added sliced olives instead of pimento!
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